Seminars of Theoretical Biology 2022!

May, 25th | 16h30-17h30 | Zoom

Speaker: Quentin Vagne (UniGE)

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25.05.2022 | 16h30-17h30 | Quentin Vagne (UniGE)


Active polar beads theory and rotating cell doublets

Assemblies of cells and tissues demonstrate self-organized collective behaviours, arising from pair-wise interactions between cells that are often polarized. It is a challenge to understand which dynamics can result from the cross-talks between mechanical forces, activity in general and polarity. Here we address this question by building a general active matter theory for a system of interacting polarized cells. We focus particularly on the case of two interacting cells and on the emergence of out-of-equilibrium steady-states where cells spontaneously rotate around each other, as can be observed experimentally in a simple in vitro setting.

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